Sunday, November 24, 2013


If you would care to read a little about myself and how I started in animation and my thoughts, please visit Shany Golan's site AnimDesk at


  1. Bem,pelo menos algumas coisas nao mudaram por aqui.o problema desse nosso pais é pobreza de espirito,de me surpreendeu voce perceber digamos esse impeto econcomico brutal dos estudios tao super pe no chao com isso de um tempo pra ca.tenho coordenado uma equipe no norte do pais afim de produzirmos uns projetos de series animadas dentro da melhor produtora audiovisual que temos aqui.passei muito tempo pra aprender o que eu sei hoje e prometi nao tao cedo repassar a isso a alguem,porque nao foi facil e nao tive ajuda alguma.mas acabei tendo que passar o que levei anos pra aprender em um mes pra uma turminha bem relaxada.conceitos de animacao,toon boom enfim.fazer o que...tenho muito a aprender tambem,mas essa nossa realidade é algo que eu nunca vou compreender.nao confio muito nos cursos que existem,justamente pela mentalidade do pessoal.hoje so penso em fazer o que eu tenho que fazer,e quem gostar do que eu fizer e quiser aprender,eu chego e 'bem,eu faco assim,porque eu gosto.voce é livre pra realizar as coisas da sua maneira.`vejo por ae caras sempre tentando impor alguma moral atraves de uma boa ilustracao...nao consigo ser assim.adoro o rough.isso pra mim é incrivel.é quando sou feliz.e a ilustracao é uma consequencia.


  2. Great interview!! And I love the picture of you at your animation desk! :)
    All the best!

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  4. Wow, very interesting interview. It's great to know your biography and the way you have been working in the 2D animation industry :)
    I'm an 20 years old autodidact character designer / animator (I study Richard Williams book ''animator survival kit'' and Don Bluth dvd tutorials) and I would like go to a 2D animation school for learn animation principles one day, especially at Gobelins in Paris if I can.
    I frequently correspond with talented artists on the forums and I'm glad to have constructive comments on my work.

    I would like to make a 2D short film but of course I think that is impossible to realised a project of 10-30 min alone, especially if the characters are rather complicated to draw and animate. Do you have any advice, the qualities required to become a professional animator please ?

    Best regards, Garance Cordier.

    1. Hi Garance,

      Thanks for writing.
      You are studying the right book, the Richard Williams Animator Survival Kit is great and very informative and everything you need to learn about the technical aspects of animation.

      As for the short film, please, do not work on a 10 to 30 minutes piece at all, is too long and you will have difficulty in finish it.

      When I say do a short film, I am saying do a 1 to 5 minutes short, no more than that. Also, do it with simple characters designs and simple backgrounds and also in a simple style so you can draw easier and faster.
      Everything too complex and you will never finish it.

      Try to watch some shorts on line to find ideas in how to do it. The Gobelins shorts are beautiful but complex and they require a whole team of artists working together and they use the school's equipments and time.
      If you have friends to work with great but if you need to do it yourself then find some style and story that you can do easily.

      As to become a professional animator, the only advice is to learn as much as you can and do it, make tests, make mistakes, keep drawing every day.
      Study the films you like, watch live action films and study the actors. Learn to study movement frame by frame, people and animals in movement.
      And do it, a lot and keep studying.
      Good luck and all the best.

  5. Thank you very much for the reply and your advices ! my friends and me have some ideas for a project which should be 7 min or 10 min but it is actually too difficult for me or in working with very few people around me who are 2D animators beginners like me because our characters are difficult to animate for our level.
    We study a lot of Milt Kahl, Don Bluth, Tex Avery, Glen Keane and Richard Williams drawings and animations. These genius are very inspiring.

    I am very glad to have Richard Williams's book, I learned a lot thanks to him. I realize that the rendering of my animations is way better than before than when I didn't have the book.
    I'm working on a pencil test of Napoleon from the Aristocats for learning walk cycle skills. It's so exciting to watch the final result. I love hand drawn animation so much.

    I like very much Gobelins students short films but personnally I think it's unfortunate that the Gobelins and other 2D animation schools don't teach traditional color rendering because coloring with software isn't exactly the same thing. I love cell paint better. I bought cel paint for testing colorisation for compare with my versions made ​​with photoshop.

    I take into account your advice about simplicity in animation and design for make our first short film ;)